About the Association

The HMS Tenby Association was formed in 1992 and originally made up of the various ship's companies of the postwar Type 12 Whitby Class Anti-Submarine Frigate (F65). She was launched in 1957 and during the later part of her active life, served mainly in the Dartmouth Training Squadron (5th F.S.). She was employed along with three of her four sister ships, in the training of Officer Cadets for the Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth; in fact, many of todays Senior Officers would have undergone basic training in a ship of the Squadron.

Shortly after the original Association was formed, we received enquiries from members of the ships' company of the Wartime Bangor Class Fleet Minesweeper (J34) which, was launched in 1939.

In her short life she (the J34) distinguished herself in the Dieppe and D-Day Landings and subsequently in post-war operations off the coast of Norway thereby earning all ships named HMS TENBY their battle honours: DIEPPE and NORMANDY. Not content with this she also established the world record for one continuous sweep, which was in excess of 72 hours off the Norwegian coast. She finally ended her days in 1947.

Not long after the end of the Second World War, she was involved in an unfortunate accident, in which one of her motor boats sank in Plymouth Sound, with a heavy loss of life. A plaque has now been dedicated to those lost in that incident and to the one other member of the ships company lost in 1945.

After the initial approach by the Wartime TENBY, it was decided to amalgamate the two ships companies to form the HMS TENBY ASSOCIATION and to date we have a membership of around 100 but are in contact with many old shipmates, some as far away as Australia, Canada and Peru.

The Association holds it's annual reunion at various venues around the country. Our aim is to ensure that wherever you live in the country, a reunion will be held within a reasonable distance of your home. Recent reunions have been held at Torquay, Portsmouth, Blackpool, Coventry, Bournemouth and Weston-super-Mare. We are using the Ambassador Hotel, Llandudno for the 2017 reunion.

If you wish to join the association or attend the next reunion, please contact our Secretary, David Macalister via email: dmac121dm@gmail.com